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Gardisette is your brand for voiles since 1952

Four years after the currency reform, the idea was to create a range of voiles which offers the customer solutions for care and decoration problems. New fibre developments were created along with the corresponding machines.


New was the focusing on the sales-oriented buyers market with a consistent brand policy. Not the customer had to buy what the manufacturer produced, but the manufacturer had to produce what the buyer needed. This was now possible by creating a brand. Gardisette was established as the first brand on the home textile market: "Gardisette perfect".


The first advertising campaign within the home textile market caused a sensation with the advertising slogan: "No stretching - no ironing - no shrinkage." Another highlight followed: The voile fabric was produced in such a width that the width became the height, without any disturbing seam. However, the final breakthrough of the company came one year later with the invention of a lead tape finish, which made the hem superfluous. The lead tape was worked in directly during the production and guaranteed an impeccable, washfast drape. To make the Gardisette brand unique to the consumer, a silver thread was woven in the Combiflex tape. Matching the collection of voiles, a collection of decoration fabrics was developed which contained the same product advantages as the Gardisette voiles.


Breaking new ground in the product segment and focusing on one brand meant the marketing organisation had to be newly established. Experienced sales staff were permanently employed and trained as sales consultants. Important was the consciousness of brand article categories and to support the trade partners in their sales efforts. Gardisette today is only offered to specialist dealers or specialist departments in general stores. An advantage to the trade is certainly the short-term delivery service for all designs.


Advertising and sales promotion became more and more important, in order to push the market idea. All kinds of advertising and media were used to promote interesting product news, with the help of appealing promotional campaigns. Gardisette could improve their image very fast and became the most important manufacturer's brand on the home textile market. This basic foundation stabilises the big brand awareness of Gardisette to date.


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