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Diversity coordinated in terms of colours: soft draping sateen grounds with delicate motifs put us in the mood for summer.


Designed in the classic country-house style, the colourful curtain fabrics conjure up a feel-good and private atmosphere.


Filigree damask motifs with acanthus leaves reveal their beautiful charm on a ground that is set off in another colour.


A natural appearance combined with an exciting twist: modern decoration and curtain fabrics ranging in design from batik to a confetti look.


Smart effects with a puristic flair. With semi-transparent fabrics produced in a burnout process, the series Active thrills lovers of graphic designs.


Delicate voiles with diagonal block stripes compliment our soft, velvety and self-coloured curtains.

Picture-perfect decorations

FAY - The curtain with its striking colour gradient forms an exciting contrast to the filigree design of the curtain voile.

Subdued style and pattern mix

MASSIMO & POESIE - Opposites not only attract but can also form a wonderfully balanced ensemble.

The new line

ONDA & TAPE - A vivid accent colour lends neutral interiors a fresh boost.


ABC - Children love variety. These multi-coloured fabrics keep boredom out of the playroom!

Harmony of soft tones

QUINTA & JUMBO - A clever mix of different designs and structures brings the right amount of excitement into play.

Delicate colour concept

CELL - Balancing, soothing or inspiring – with a little bit of colour a room can be given a really novel character in the twinkling of an eye.

Greetings from the North

FREYA - Characteristic of Nordic style are patterns with graphic elements or stylised motifs taken from nature.

Furnishing with Heart and Soul

FANNI - Snowflakes, alpine roses and bellowing stags – the modern alpine look highlights traditional motifs with a wink.

Greetings from the North

HELIX - Linear shapes and light-coloured woods – Scandinavian style is wonderfully uncomplicated.

Lived and Loved

LEONARDO - Carefully mismatched rather than perfectly styled: Shabby Chic focusses on objects with unmistakable character.

Pure Relaxation

TULIPA - Whether as pampering beige or soft brown, naturals transform rooms into exceptionally soothing rest areas.